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Review: Sons of Trout reunion gig
2012-04-23 16:08
Review: Sons of Trout reunion gig
Rocking the suburbs.
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Rocking the suburbs.
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Jumping with Sons of Trout

One part cheesy fun, one part awesome tunes and one part novel concept.

That’s the recipe that made Saturday night’s Sons of Trout reunion gig more than just a good night out.

Although the event flyer said “Get in the ring with Sons of Trout”, I have to admit, watching them play inside and actual boxing ring was not quite what expected.

 They performed at East City Boxing in Harrington Street and I sincerely hope the venue will be the host of more live performances in the future.

Although it has been done before, the concept of playing in a ring is still a pretty cool one, allowing for more angles to see the band from and just an all round “different” feel.

As a Sons of Trout virgin, I arrived with the praise from others in my ears.

Judging by the crowd though, I could sense I was in for a treat. If the mix of a lady in pearls to a couple of hippies I saw floating around were anything to go on, they were bound to be eclectic at least.

 They didn’t disappoint.

With a violin and a sax added to your usual band line-up, I am still searching for a way to describe their sound.

The best I have been able to come up with so far is a mix of ska, bluegrass, jazz and something else that somehow works.

The band have also got a major amount of energy that the crowd seemed to feed off as fans jumped up and down around the ring.

They showed of their sense of humour by incorporating some good ol’ cheese a la “Eye of the tiger” and making an entrance in boxing gowns.

I know this was a one-time-only show, but I’m still holding thumbs I’ll get to see them again in the not so distant future.

In the mean time, you’ll find me stocking up on their music so I can sing along next time.