Tuesday 28 April 2015
Events / Let your TygerBurger website work for you

TygerBurger and NetLocal, the newspaper’s website host, will host a demonstration session to show our readers how to utilise the platform and enjoy your own page on the TygerBurger website.

The workshop will take place at TygerBurger’s office (4th floor, Bloemhof Building, corner of Edward and Bloemhof streets, Bellville) on Thursday 7 June at 18:00 (Wednesday 6 June is fully booked).

Representatives from schools in the area, organisations such as welfare societies, sport clubs, non-profit organisations and charities are invited to attend the event.

They will be briefed on our special groups’ page, which will give you a new edge to your cause.

You will get exposure on the TygerBurger website at no charge.

The demonstration will equip you with the basics of using the site, but booking before Friday 1 June is essential.

To RSVP for the session, schools must email Lindsy at schools@netlocal.co.za and groups and organisations must email groups@netlocal.co.za.

For more information, contact Lindsy on 021 468 8474.